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Achieve Your Unique Goals

#heroplanner is for anyone who's ever wished to, but had trouble creating, planning, or seeing through their personal and social impact goals.

Weekly Planning

"This isn't just 'a planner'. It's a life-changing extravaganza. "

- Gil A. Special Events Coordinator, New York City US

"My favorite planner so far. . .I've been able to get my time management all the way together. "

- Kerri B. Beauty Influencer, Toronto CA

"Freaking love it. I reached my most important goal before the 90-days were up. It really paid off. "

- Petra R. Singer/Songwirter, Berlin GER

"LOVING my planner!! Favourite parts are the habits tracker, the weekly reflections and the cute activities in between."

- Mayfair N. Business Coach, London UK

Weekly preparation & effective decision making

⚡️ Keep track of your goals and relevant action steps

⚡️ More than just " To Do", #heroplanner focuses on the qualities you must embody to achieve your desired impact

⚡️ Begin each week with an empowering affirmation and gratitude

⚡️ Decision Matrix helps you easily sort priorities by urgency and importance

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#heroplanner is perfect for the action-oriented impact seeker in your life.

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